Civilian Training


Midwest Shooting center is dedicated to quality training for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Allow our staff of professional trainers to teach you the fundamentals, skills, and attitudes necessary for whatever discipline you’re looking to improve on. Basic marksmanship, concealed carry tactics, and situational response are just some of the offerings from our training department.
Current Classes Offered:
-Intro To Firearms
-Ohio Concealed Carry Course
-Level 2 Concealed Carry / Handgun 1
-NSSF First Shots


Our Ohio CCW class covers gun safety and nomenclature, equipment selection, shooting fundamentals, defensive mindset, and legal considerations. Students will be required to pass a written examination and a shooting qualification. Graduates will be able to apply for their Ohio Concealed Handgun License upon completion.


Level 2 CCW

A normal CCW class only gives you the basics you need to carry and defend yourself from harm. This level 2 course is designed to build on that knowledge and help you further prepare yourself for a defensive handgun situation. Continue building on your training with our level 2 class designed for current experienced CCW permit holders looking to build on their knowledge.

In this course, you will get guided instruction on:

-Drawing from a holster

-Clearing malfunctions

-Reloading techniques


Active Shooter Defense Class

You can never be too prepared when it comes to an active shooter scenario. In this 4 hour class, we cover the most important information needed to keep you and your loved ones safe during the worst-case scenario. Through a combination of classroom and practical training, we will teach you how to prevent an active shooter, and how to run, hide and fight in the event that you are faced with a life or death situation. You will be taught basic medical training such as applying tourniquets and stopping bleeding. In addition, we will show you techniques to properly stop a shooter using your concealed handgun in the event that you are prepared. We will also be taking traditional training a step farther by letting you observe or participate in scenarios in our dynamic training facility using training ammunition.



Our Introduction to Firearms course introduces new shooters to safe use, storage, and operation of a Handgun. This course will aid students in becoming an informed buyer from caliber selection to sizing and features of firearms. The class consists of lecture, demonstration, dry fire practice, and live fire familiarization.


Youth First Shots

Want to teach your child gun safety and introduce them to shooting? We can help! This 2 hour class is the perfect introduction to safe gun handling. The first hour will be spent in the classroom covering safety and firearm basics, and the second hour will be spent on the range where they will get to shoot 25 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. (included with class)



Schedule an hour or half an hour of personal instruction from our NRA certified instructor! One on one attention is the best way to sharpen your shooting skills! Learn basic fundamentals, safety, and how to accurately fire any type of firearm!


Intro to Rifle Carbine

Do you have an AR, AK, or pistol caliber carbine? Then this class is for you! This beginners carbine course is designed to give you a basic understanding of how to operate your rifle and associated accessories, and how to deploy it. Our focus will be on giving you, the student a better understanding of the bullets trajectory, mechanical offset, and how it relates to selecting a zero. This class will give you a basic foundation to pursue more advanced carbine training!


EDC Trauma by Tactical Skills Development LLC

Every Day Carry (EDC) refers to the equipment we carry on a daily basis. Our concealed carry weapon, knife, reload mag, tactical pen, cell phone, flashlight, etc. What people often overlook is that along with our gear we need to carry knowledge. That knowledge needs to
include not only the ability to defend ourselves, but also to evaluate and treat trauma injuries that would be fatal without timely application of aid.

Trauma injuries may result from the slip of an axe while splitting wood, an amputation caused by farm equipment, or even severe lacerations caused by your child wrecking their bicycle. In the world of personal defense, trauma could just as likely be caused by a stabbing or gunshot. In any case, carrying the knowledge of how to apply timely treatment can make the difference between life and death.

About the instructor:


Women's Self Defense

Course Outline:

The RAD Basic Self Defense course is designed specifically for women. RAD stands for Rape Aggression Defense. The course begins with basic principles such as stance, balance, and awareness. Each class focuses on a different topic including striking, blocks, and ground defense. The first class is done in a classroom setting where the focus is on awareness and safe practices for women in today’s society. The remaining five classes are all set up around drills to improve a woman’s skill, and students will learn techniques through repetition.

The final class is the simulation day. Each student will be placed in protective gear along with the instructor. Each student will participate in three or more scenarios where they will have to apply the skills they have learned in a real-life situation. Students will be able to actually kick, punch, elbow and use whatever technique they need, to escape in each scenario.