Midwest Shooting Center provides Firearms Training to the public and professionals alike.


Our Dynamic Training Area provides a space for safe Force on Force training that simulates indoor and outdoor urban areas.

$25 Entry Fee
$20 M-4 Rifle Rental
$30 30-round M-4 Magazine

(minimum of 2)

$20 Semi-Automatic Pistol
$12.50 17-Round Pistol Magazine

(minimum of 2)

$30 Weapon Combo Package

M-4 Rifle & Semi-Automatic Pistol
(Minimum of 2 magazines each)


Meet our CCW Instroctor Matt Lomakin. Matt is originally from Orange, California. He first learned to shoot with his grandfather 30 years ago and the bug has been in his blood ever since. Matt has spent the last 7 years in the firearms industry working for and with some of the best companies in the industry.

“I am truly blessed to have a job that allows me to do what I love! Teaching the love and respect of firearm ownership and concealed carry Is one of the coolest things I get to do almost every day. If you see me on the range, ask away for any help you may need. I absolutely love what I do!”


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Intro To Firearms

Intro to Firearms introduces the new shooter to safe use, storage, and operation of a handgun.
This class will aid students into becoming an informed buyer when it comes to purchasing a firearm, from caliber selection to size of firearm.
The class consists of lecture, demonstration, dry fire practice and a live fire familiarization session on the range.
Weapon rental, range rental, eye and ear protection can be purchased on site.
Ammunition is not included but can be purchased on site: 50 rounds required
Cost- $75 (member discount is applied towards membership dues or refunded, your choice)

Concealed Carry Course

This class covers gun safety, gun nomenclature, equipment selection, shooting fundamentals, mindset and legal consideration. Students will be required to pass a written examination and pass a shooting qualification. Participant will be able to apply for their Ohio Concealed Handgun license upon completion. Includes range rental, eye and ear protection: Not included: Firearm and Ammunition: 150-200 rounds Cost- $125 (Members will receive their discount towards their membership dues).

Level 2 Concealed Carry

A normal CCW class only gives you the basics you need to carry and defend yourself from harm. This level 2 course is designed to build on that knowledge and help you further prepare yourself for a defensive handgun situation. Continue building on your training with our level 2 class designed for current experienced CCW permit holders looking to build on their knowledge. In this course, you will get guided instruction on: -Drawing from a holster -Clearing malfunctions -Reloading techniques The course will be taught by Frank Vaccaro, our most experienced trainer who has many years of both military and law enforcement experience.

CCW Techniques with Steve Fisher

CCW Techniques with Steve Fisher For this 4 hour class which focuses on handgun tactics from Concealment. This class introduces students to the skills and techniques to effectively fight from concealment. We will discuss the mindset and survival skills necessary to evade and avoid an attack while being prepared for the fight of your life. Skills and techniques covered include: threat assessment and decision making, rapid and effective engagement, engaging multiple targets and movement. We place strong emphasis on situational awareness and critical decision while being accountable for every bullet that leaves our gun. Member's and Founding members receive 25% off! Let us know you are a member at sign-up and we will refund you your discount!
Handgun Accuracy with Steve Fisher

This course is geared to all shooters who have an understanding of weapons manipulation and safety, this is a no frills class that will bring the novice shooter and seasoned shooter a better of understanding of the why’s that will give consistency to progress in speed and accuracy
(course is designed to be tailored to skill levels present at each course) no one student will be left behind.

Safety Plan
Medical Brief
Effective shooting stance
Importance of Grip
Recoil control
One handed shooting
Sight alignment & Sight picture (Irons & RDS)
Trigger control
Timed graded drills
Qualification Course of Fire
and more…

RDS Pistol with Steve Fisher

RDS Pistol Course with Steve Fisher!

This class answers the question of why for the shooter looking to become more proficient in the Practical use of Red Dot Sight (RDS) Pistols and their practical application. This class will bring the new or experienced shooter up to speed on latest methods of shooting the RDS pistol in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Loaner RDS pistols will be available for use with prior notice by students.

Safety brief & Medical plan
Various sights and why behind them
Mounting options
Timed, graded quals
proper zeroing and distances
Weapons mounted lights and dot interaction
Accuracy Drills, recoil control techniques
Accuracy and Timed drills
Movement and dot tracking
Shooting from alternate positions
Shooting on move
Multiple target tracking
and more…

Youth First Shots!

Want to teach your child gun safety and introduce them to shooting? We can help! This 2 hour class is the perfect introduction to safe gun handling. The first hour will be spent in the classroom covering safety and firearm basics, and the second hour will be spent on the range where they will get to shoot 25 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. (included with class) * Ages 10 and up * Parent must be present for duration of the class