Midwest Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting complex designed to accommodate the full spectrum of firearms enthusiasts with a total of 24 lanes; (10) 25-yard lanes, (10) dynamic 25-yard lanes for members only, and (4) 100-yard lanes. Additionally, the range area will be rated to accommodate firearms up to a .50 Caliber. MSC also offers 4 live fire gaming systems. The facility includes a sophisticated members-only access lounge and refined waiting area for the general public. Midwest Shooting Center offers an extensive fleet of rental firearms to include the industry’s most popular firearms, unique firearms, suppressed firearms, and machine guns not typically available for public use. The facility has an extensive retail department carrying over $2 Million in new inventory and a friendly/knowledgeable staff to assist in the consultation of purchases.

Additional amenities offered include firearms training, which covers a wide spectrum of subject matter to accommodate both novice shooters and experienced shooters. Firearm Training will be conducted in private classrooms, will include one-on-one range instruction, and will use a state-of- the-art dynamic training arena. Additional training opportunities exist in MSC’s Simulation Playground that allows customers to pit their skills against one another in a real-life “video-game” scenarios. Patrons are allowed to fire non-lethal ammunition through real firearms at their opposition as they are monitored by Range Safety Officers in a safe and controlled environment.